Setting up your Custom URL

How do I set up my Custom URL?

VIDEO: Follow these instructions to setup your Custom Domain Name

TIP: While creating a CNAME record, you now have several options to choose from for the URL to "point" to:

LINKS mentioned in the video


Instructions from popular registrars for adding a CNAME

Cloudflare users please see below


TIP: You can have only one custom URL for each account.

IMPORTANT: When logging into your account, be sure to log in from your custom URL and NOT to show the correct URL in the address bar. This is also required to generate the correct link for things such as Form Embed Codes.

How do I change my Custom URL?

If you have already set up your Custom URL but need to change it you'll need to be sure that  24 hours have passed since you last set up your Custom URL. This prevents our automated SSL queue/script from running into problems.

After the 24-hour lock, navigate to Flyout Menu > Custom URL & Login.

Click the Change my Custom URL button.

You'll then need to make sure you've added the proper CNAME to the DNS zone of the new domain name.