CRM: RE: Tasks

What is an RE: Task?

An RE: Task is a "Related to" Task. Essentially, it's an informal Task that's related to a specific Contact.

When you create an RE: Task you do so by choosing the related Contact and assigning it to a Staff Member.  This is useful for a supplemental Task that needs to be created separately from a Project, for example.

How do I create a RE: Task?

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

From here, you can click the Options menu button (3 dots) beside the Contact and select RE: Task.

You can also click on the Contact to enter the CRM Dashboard. You can then select Create RE: Task from the "Available Automations" section on the right-hand side of the screen.

A modal will appear in which you can fill out the Task details.

CLICK HERE to learn about creating Tasks

Once created the assigned Staff Member will receive a notification and the RE: Task will appear in their My Tasks list.

Where do I find assigned RE: Tasks?

To see the RE: Tasks that a Contact has, navigate to their CRM Dashboard page. Hover your cursor over the Projects tab in the top navigation menu bar and select RE: Tasks.

This will bring you to a list of any RE: Tasks assigned to this particular Contact.

You can view the RE: Task by clicking the Open button or quickly create new RE: Tasks by clicking the +Tasks button.

As the assigned Staff Member, navigate to Projects > My Tasks.

The RE: Task will be included among other standard Tasks, with a label showing which Contact it is linked to.