CRM: RE: Tasks

What is an RE: Task?

An RE: Task is a "Related to" Task. Essentially, it's an informal, quickly created Task that's related to a specific Contact.

If your Team is working together on some business related to a specific Client, you can quickly create and assign a task to one of your Team without the extra steps of creating a Project.

How to make an RE: Task

From the Contact's details view, you can just 'Add RE: Task' and create a "Related to" task for that particular Contact. The assigned member of your Team will receive an email notification, and the RE: Task will appear in their My Tasks view with a pill that shows which Contact that task is linked to.

Quickly create a task for a member of your Team

You can set a due date and receive task updates

Where to find RE: Tasks 

All the RE: Tasks linked to a specific Contact can be found in that Contact's details view under the RE: Tasks tab. The person to whom the task is assigned will also see that task in their My Tasks view.

RE: Tasks are recorded in the Contact's details view

The assigned member of your Team will see the RE: Task in their My Tasks view
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