Impersonate Functionality

What does it mean to Impersonate?

One of the most powerful and convenient tools in the SuiteDash platform is Impersonate feature.

Essentially, Impersonate gives you the power to 'simulate' what any user in your account is seeing when they access your Portal.

How do I do this Impersonate thing?

Impersonating is easy. From your List view of Clients, simply click the Options drop-down and choose Impersonate. The page will then reload, and on that next load, you'll be seeing the Portal just as if you were logging in as the user that you have Impersonated.

IMPORTANT: With relation to our Start Page functionality, you will not be able to simulate the Start Page redirection when Impersonating Clients. The only way to see this working is to actually login via a cookie free browser with the Client's actual login information.

You can Impersonate both external Contacts & internal Staff members. 

The only user that cannot be Impersonated is the Master Admin.

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