CRM: Secondary Clients

What is a Secondary Client?

There are times when you will need to work with a Team on the Client side and, in these cases, you will need to give more than one person access to the Client's Project. This is where Secondary Clients are useful.

How to create a Secondary Client

Secondary Clients are just normal Clients and are created in the same manner as you would create a normal Client.

The term "Secondary Client" is used in the context that the user is not the "primary Client" for a Project.

Using Secondary Clients in Projects & Tasks

If you have a Team working with you on the Client-side you would create each member of that Team as a Client. Then, when you are creating a Project, for example, you would assign the primary Client (likely the Team Leader) as well as the Secondary Clients you need.

What can Secondary Clients see and do?

  • Secondary Clients CAN view the Project Overview Dashboard if that is enabled for a Project they are assigned to.
  • Secondary Clients CAN be added as Followers to any Task in a Project where they are assigned.
  • Secondary Clients CAN be assigned to Tasks in any Project where they are assigned.
  • Secondary Clients WILL NOT see the tasks that the Primary Client is assigned. (Unless they are added as a Follower to that Task.)
  • If the Secondary Client is added as a Follower to a Task, they will only be able to see the Task details, but they WILL NOT be able to edit the Task or make changes to Status, Priority, etc. (this is standard functionality that applies to Followers in general).