CRM: Company First Mode

What is "Company First" Mode?

Some businesses work primarily with Individuals, but many businesses are working with Companies as their Clients, and these businesses need to assign Projects, Invoices, Files, etc., based on the Company, not an Individual.

Company First Mode will let you work directly with Companies, and associate your projects, invoices & other portal assets with the Company instead of just one Individual. 

When Company First (CF) is enabled, each Company will require a Primary Contact. This Primary Contact will be the direct point of contact for the Company, and any permissions, access, email notifications, etc., that are designated for the Company, will be tied to that Primary Contact's user/email address.

At any time, you can easily change the Primary Contact. All of the Company associations for permissions, access, email notifications, etc., will pass to the new Primary Contact. From that action, the new Primary Contact will be the direct point of contact for that Company.

Who can be a Primary Contact?

Primary Contacts (PCs) can be any of the three External Roles, which are Lead, Prospect and Client.

However, you should understand that there may be limitations on assigning assets to a Company, depending on the Role of that Company's Primary Contact.

If the Primary Contact is a Lead, the Company will not be able to be assigned to Estimates, Invoices, Projects, etc., and that Contact will not have the ability to login to the Portal.

If the Primary Contact is a Prospect, the Company will not be able to be assigned to Invoices or Projects.

If the Primary Contact is a Client, the Company can be assigned to any type of asset within the platform.

How do I enable Company First (CF)?

To enable CF (Company First) Mode, simply navigate to the CRM > Settings.

The first vertical tab option is  Company First ModeBe sure to read the helper text so that you completely understand the implications of enabling this feature.

IMPORTANT: If you have an existing account with existing Contacts/Companies, and you are enabling CF for the first time, the Primary Contact for each Company will automatically be set to the Associated Contact in your account with the earliest creation date. You can change the Primary Contact at any time.

How do I change the Primary Contact for a Company?

Changing the Primary Contact is easy. Just navigate to CRM > Companies and select "Change Primary Contact" from the Options dropdown menu.

From here, you'll see a pop-up window with a prompt to select the new Primary Contact.

IMPORTANT: When you are changing the Primary Contact (PC), you will not be able to add a new Primary Contact with a "lower" role. For example, if the current PC has the role of Client, then you will not be able to change the PC to any user with role of Lead or Prospect.

What happens when I change the Primary Contact for a Company?

When you change the Primary Contact for a Company, that person will be the direct contact person for all assets/files/items associated with that Company. 

This is helpful in case the previous Primary Contact leaves the Company, changes roles in the Company, or especially in the case that they decide to move off-grid and buy three pigs, six chickens, ten solar panels and a yurt :)

What happens if I disable Company First Mode?

If you had Company First Mode enabled, and were assigning Projects, Invoices, etc, to Companies, you may be concerned about what would happen if you turned Company First off. However, there is nothing to worry about here. We have those bases covered.

If you turn CF off, then all the Projects, Invoices, etc., that were assigned to the Company will then be assigned to the Primary Contact of the Company. For example, if Company Alpha had their Primary Contact set to be Mr. Orange, then after you turn off CF, then all Company Alpha's items like Projects, Invoices, etc., would be assigned to Mr. Orange.

If you then turned CF back on, we remember that Mr. Orange was the Primary Contact for Company Alpha and all the items that were previously assigned to Company Alpha will once again be assigned to the Company

IMPORTANT: If you remove the Contact or the Company while Company First Mode is off, then any associations or items associated with that Contact or the Company may be lost.

What happens if I add a Company without a Primary Contact?

If you add a Company without a Primary Contact, that Company will not be available to be assigned to things like Projects or Invoices until you assign a Primary Contact.

In this case, these Companies without Primary Contacts will appear in a new tab called Idle Companies

Organizing these Companies in this way is to make it very easy for you to identify which Companies do not have a Primary Contact and then assign one using the provided tools.

From the Idle Companies tab, you can easily use the Options menu to Add Primary Contact.

Clicking Add Primary Contact will give you a pop-up that will give you the choice to Create New Contact or Assign Existing Contact

If you choose to Add Primary Contact, you'll be able to add a user that is not already in your account.

If you choose Assign Existing Contact, you'll be presented with options to select from existing users.

After you have assigned a Primary Contact to the Company, that Company will then be moved to the Companies list (out of the Idle Companies list), and will then be available based on the normal operating parameters of Company First mode.

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