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Knowledge Base Page Overview

The purpose of Knowledge Base Pages is to provide a well organized, private internal resource where you and your Team can record your collective knowledge, processes, policies, etc...  Knowledge Base is intended for your internal Team, not for your Prospects or Clients.
A Knowledge Base Page is a page that can be created, filled with information and resources (images, useful links, etc), and assigned to specific Staff / Internals in your installation. 
Pages can be assigned to one, some, or all Staff members in an account (excluding Freelancers). 
Any Staff member that is assigned to a Page will be able to access that page, and they will see generally the same info as any other Staff member who is properly permissioned to view that Page (with exceptions being placeholders that are in the page, which render unique information based on who is logged in). 

You can use Knowledge Base Pages to share information, display announcements, photos, videos and much more, depending on your needs.

How to Create a new Knowledge Base Page

To create a new Portal Page, simply navigate to Pages >  Knowledge Base > Add New Page from the top menu, or navigate to Pages > Knowledge Base> Manage Pages and click Add New Page.

From there, you will be presented with a form which you can use to create your new Page, and assign it accordingly. There is a list of placeholders displayed which you can use inside the page content field. These placeholders will dynamically insert the corresponding information (such as the client’s email address) wherever the placeholder is placed within the page, and what info is displayed will change depending on what user is logged-in and viewing the page.

Assign Staff

Use this field to assign desired Staff to the Page. Any internal Staff member can be assigned (excluding Freelancers)

Category / Menu Title

Use this field to assign the Page to a Category. You can also optionally use the + button next to the field to quickly create a new Category if you don’t already have one created that you need. From the Staff side of things, the assigned Category will serve as the title for the first level menu navigation tab. Your Staff will see this choice in their navigation under "Pages"


Use this field to define the main title for the Page. This title will appear in several places, such as in the Page admin table, as well as at the top of the page when any assigned user is viewing the Page.

Sub-Menu Title

Use this field to define the menu title for the Page. This is the title that will be used to link the Page inside the drop-down menu that displays for Staff  when they hover over the main “Pages” top menu item. Generally, you will want to keep the Sub-Menu Title short (just a few words), so it will look nice in the navigation.


Use this field to add your desired page content for the Page. Basic text can be entered, or you can copy/paste more complex content from other sources. Additionally, you have the option to create the page content entirely using HTML, by clicking the “<>” button in the left corner of the editor toolbar.

When the Page is created and assigned the way you like, just click “Save” to save the new page. Assigned users will be notified via email about the new page, and they will be able to login and view it immediately.

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