Live Chat: Basics

What is Live Chat?

The built-in Live Chat functionality allows Internal Users (including Master Admin, Admins, Project Managers, Office Managers, Teammates, and Salespersons) to communicate in real-time, both in one-on-one Direct Messages, as well as group Channels.

TIP: Freelancers and Contacts cannot participate in Live Chat at this time.

How do I use Live Chat?

You can access the Chat pane anywhere on the platform by the  icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

There are two tabs to choose from, Direct MSG and Channels. Each will list your current ongoing conversations. Click on the conversation to bring out a chat window in which you can input text.

While a User is typing, a typing indicator will appear above the input field in real-time. You can also see a dot animation over their chat avatar in the panelist.

At the bottom of the chat window, there are two icons you can click for additional options.

Click the  icon to choose from a list of Emojis that you can add to your text.

Click the  icon to add or remove members users from the Channel by clicking Manage Channel Members.

How do I initiate a one-on-one chat?

Your existing one-on-one conversations will appear under the Direct MSG tab in the chat sidebar. To start a new direct chat with someone simply click the icon beside Active Direct Chats.

This will bring out a user directory of the Staff Members. Click the name you would like to send a direct message to. They will be added to the Direct MSG list and a chat window will open automatically.

How do I use Channels?

In addition to one-on-one conversations, you can also create group Channels to bring multiple users into a conversation. To create a new Channel, click the Create Channel button in the Directory tab.

A field will open where you can name your Channel. Click on the Users you would like to add to the Channel; a checkmark will appear to indicate they have been selected. When you are finished, click the Create button to save and start the message thread.

You can also change your chat status by clicking on your profile image in the top left-hand corner of the sidebar.