PAGES: Setup Menus

How do I set up the Menu for my Portal?

When you are creating a Portal Page, you will designate how the Page you are creating will be organized in the Pages menu.

The first 'menu-related' item that you'll select will be the Page Category. The Category will determine which top-level menu item the Page's Menu Title will be nested in.

If you already have the necessary Category created, then just select it from the existing list.

If you need to create your first Category, or create a new Category, then click the ADD NEW CATEGORY button.

After you click ADD NEW CATEGORY, then just type the name of the Category, set a color, and then click the CHECK to save.

Now, by assigning a Page Category, you have designated what the 'group' of Pages will be labeled as.

Next, you'll designate what the individual Page will be labeled as in the Menu.

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