BILLING: Subscription Dashboard

What is the Subscription Dashboard?

The Subscription Dashboard is a One-Stop overview of all the Client Subscription Payments that exist in your account.

IMPORTANT: For info on how to create Subscription Payment Plans for Clients, click HERE

IMPORTANT: For info on how to create Paid Portal Access with a Subscription Payment Plan for Clients, click HERE

Where can I find the Subscription Dashboard?

Simply navigate to Billing > Invoices, and then look for the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab.

What can I do in the Subscription Dashboard?

You'll be able to see an individual record for each Subscription payment and the details associated with each one of those Subscriptions.

How can I view a Transaction History?

Start by clicking the Options menu for the Subscription, and selecting Transaction History.

From there, you'll see all the past transactions that are associated with this Subscription. You'll also be able to download a PDF or print an individual invoice related to the Subscription.

How do I cancel an existing Subscription Payment?

Start by clicking the Options menu for the Subscription, and selecting Cancel.

Can a Client change the Payment Method for their Subscription Payment?

Yes, the Client can easily look in their Subscription Dashboard and change their credit card info.

They should start by clicking the Options menu for the Subscription, and selecting Change Payment Method.

From there, they can easily complete the needed information and Submit

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