FILES: Who sees what?

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Salespersons will see Files for Clients who are 'Unassigned'

Salespersons will see Files for Clients who they have claimed and are "Assigned" to the Salesperson

Salespersons WILL NOT see Files for Clients who have been claimed and are "Assigned" to another Salesperson


Teammates can only see Project files that are related to Projects to which they are specifically assigned.

By default, Teammates cannot see Client's Files that are outside Projects ( Private Files, Shared with Client, Uploaded by Client ).  The major exception to this rule is if the Teammate is set as a Client's Coordinator, in which case the Teammate will have full access to all the Files related to that Client. The other exception would be if the Teammate was included in a Share of a folder that is related to a Client, which can include Uploaded by Client or Private folders.





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