"Magic Link" Login

What is "Magic Link" Login

Maybe you have Clients who are not very tech-savvy & have a hard time remembering passwords, or just flat-out refuse to "have another place to login to".

Magic Link makes it so easy to login that anyone can do it with no friction... your Clients don't even have to remember or write down a password!  Now, you can impress even the most tech-phobic Clients and free yourself from the "I can't find my password" emails!

WARNING: By enabling this setting, you understand that HIPAA compliance cannot be guaranteed. If you are working with sensitive information that is required by law to be privacy compliant, you should NOT enable this setting.                        

How do I turn Magic Link on?

To get started, open the Fly-out Menu by clicking your profile pic in the top-right, and then select Custom Domain & Login in the Branding column.

Then, scroll to the bottom and click the slider to Enable "Magic Link" for login

After you enable Magic Link, you'll see some controls there that explain how you can control how long, or for how many clicks the link will remain valid.

In general, the higher you set these numbers, it will make for less friction for your Clients/Staff, but at the cost of a reduction in security. For example, if you allow the link to be good for 5 clicks, it could be used once in a legitimate way by your Client, but then he leaves his laptop open, or his email gets hacked, and the malicious user finds the email and clicks the link... they would also be instantly logged in (as long as it was also within the designated time window).

How does Magic Link work?

When enabled, your Clients/Staff will see this option added to your Custom Login

They can click this link and totally bypass the standard login form.

Now, all they need to do is enter their email address, and click Send "Magic Login" Link

They will instantly receive an email with a very clear link/button to click.

When they click this link, they will be instantly logged in

And that's it :)

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