BILLING: Importing Invoice Items

How do I import Invoice Items?

You can easily import Invoice Items as a CSV file. To get started, navigate to Billing > Invoices.

From here, click on the dropdown menu and select Import Items.

To upload the file, either select the Select File button, or you can click and drag the file onto the Drop File area. Note: The file must be in CSV format.

After uploading the file, you will be prompted to select from the dropdown menus to assign each data field correctly. Only the Title, Rate and Quantity are required.

By default, the Items you import will be new ones. However, you can choose to update the existing Items you have.

After successfully importing your Items, you will see a message linking you to the Import Logs page.

Managing Import Logs

You can access the Import Logs of any Items you have imported, by navigating to Billing > Invoice.

From here, click on the dropdown menu and select Import Logs.

Here you will see a listing of all Invoice Items you have imported. You can click on the Options dropdown menu for ways to interact with the import.

Clicking View will bring you to a summary page with basic information about the import.

Clicking Download will allow you to view the file as it was originally uploaded in your native spreadsheet program (Excel, Open Office, etc.).

Clicking Undo Import will delete the imported Items as well as reverse the choice to update the existing items, if you had specified that option during import. It will not delete the log from your Import Logs list. if you would like to import the file again, you can select Download from the Options dropdown menu.

Clicking Delete will delete the Import Log. Note: This option will only delete the log, not the Items that were imported. To delete the imported Items, choose Undo Import from the Options dropdown menu.)

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