Login Alerts for Contacts and Staff

How can I know when someone logs into the Portal?

If you would like to be notified any time a user logs in to the Portal you can enable this in your Company Info settings.

To configure these settings, navigate to Flyout Menu > Company Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to the General Settings section.

You can toggle whether or not a notification is sent any time a Prospect, Client, or Staff Member logs into the platform.

Once you toggle a switch to ON you can select from a dropdown menu which Staff Member(s) you would like to be sent a notification. Click Select All to send every Staff Member a notification.

For Prospects and Clients, you can choose to send the notification to their assigned Coordinator.

Where can I find records of a user logging into the Portal?

For Prospects and Clients, navigate to CRM > Contacts and click on the Contact to view their Contacts View page.

Click the Logs tab, located in the top navigation bar.

The Log will display the precise Log In date and times of each login, as well as the IP address and email used by the Contact.

IMPORTANT: There is currently no way to check the Logs for Staff Members (but there will be soon!).