PAGES: Managing Portal Pages

Managing your Portal Pages

You can easily manage your Portal Pages by navigating to Pages > Portal Pages > Manage Pages.

CLICK HERE to learn how to create a Portal Page

To manage a Page, click the Options dropdown menu for way to interact with it.

Edit: You can edit the assignment details, menu display and Editor content, exactly as when you were creating the Page.

View: Preview the Page (with the Placeholder tags showing).

Assign a Start Page: Select this option to automatically direct the user to this Page when they log in. It will bring up a window in which you can choose users and/or Circles from the respective dropdown menus.

CLICK HERE to learn about Start Pages

Duplicate: Create a copy of the Page. Clicking this option will automatically direct you to the Editing screen of the copy.

Delete: Remove the Page from the platform. Note: This cannot be undone.

Set the order of your Portal Pages

Once you have multiple Pages in the same Sub-Menu, you can order them however you'd like. The order you choose will be reflected in your Client/Prospect's view of the platform (if they are permissioned to see them).

Navigate to Pages > Portal Pages > Manage Order.

Click the Menu Group you would like to rearrange. Under Order Pages, click and drag the Menu Items to your desired order.

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