AUTOMATIONS: Action Templates

What is an Action Template?

An Action Template is a pre-configured set of Actions you can create. Instead of having to recreate each Action, you can simply insert the Template instead.

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How do I create an Action Template?

In an area of the Platform where Actions are available, click the +Configure Actions button.

A modal will appear in which you can build your Action chain in. Click the  icon to choose an Action from the list, and configure the chain as you would like.

Once you have your chain configured, click Save & Create Template to save the chain as an Action Template.

A field will appear in the form of an Action block, in which you will be required to give the Action Template a Title.

Click Save & Create Template again to save the Template. Now it will be available for you to choose anytime you are creating an Action chain.

How do I use an Action Template?

To apply an Action Template, click the +Configure Actions button. You can then select the Action Template from the dropdown menu at the top of the modal.

Applying an Action Template will NOT overwrite or remove any Actions you already have added.

To Delete an Action Template, click the Delete button beside the dropdown menu.

IMPORTANT: If you try to load an Action Template with an Action that is unavailable for that part of the platform, it will only load the available Actions.

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