AUTOMATIONS: Auto-Templates

What is an Auto-Template?

An Auto-Template is a pre-configured set of Automations you can build and save. You can then reference them manually or use them in an Automated Workflow.

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How do I create an Auto-Template?

Get started by going to Automations > Auto-Templates. Then click + Add Auto-Template.

Next, you'll click Start Creating Auto-Template.

Give your Template a title then click the + to add your first Automation.

Clicking the + will bring you to a list of all available Automations. 

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Once you have selected your Automations click Save Template. If you exit out of Configure Automations without clicking Save you will have to start over.

Once it is saved your Auto-Template will appear on the list. The List View gives you a quick look at how many Automations are in each Auto-Template you have. 

Click Manage Automations to see which Automations are assigned to this Auto-Template.  To add or delete Automations select Configure Auto-Template.

While in Card View you can Manage Automations by clicking Options (3 dots). You also have the option to Duplicate your Auto-Template or Delete the Template. To Delete or Duplicate from List View you would also click Options.

How do I use an Auto-Template?

You can apply an Auto-Template in one of two ways.

In an area of the Platform where Automations are available, click the +Configure Automations button. You can then select the Auto-Template from the dropdown menu at the top of the modal.

Applying an Auto-Template will NOT overwrite or remove any Automations you have already added.

You can also apply an Auto-Template directly from the CRM Dashboard of a Contact.

Navigate to CRM > Contacts, and click on the Contact you would like to trigger an Auto-Template for.

In the Available Automations section, click Trigger Automations Template.

You can then select an existing Auto-Template from the dropdown menu.

IMPORTANT: If you try to load an Automation Template with an Automation that is unavailable for that part of the platform, it will only load the available Automations.

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