Advanced Filtering

What is Advanced Filtering?

Advanced Filtering is a smarter, more precise method of filtering data in the platform than the basic Filtering feature. In addition to more filter options, you can save your custom searches and lock them so that it shows as the default when navigating to that page.

This feature is available in the more complex areas of the platform, such as CRM Contacts and Projects.

How do I use Advanced Filtering?

Advanced Filtering is currently available in Contacts, Companies, Projects, My Tasks, and All Tasks (with more areas to come). For this example, we will use Contacts.

Start by navigating to CRM > Contacts.

Click the Filter button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will need to be in List View in order to see the Filter function.

This will open up all of the available filter fields. These fields will differ depending on which area of the platform you are in.

Let's say we want to search for all Clients that are in Invited Status.

Click the All Roles field and choose Clients from the dropdown menu. Some fields, such as this one, allow you to select multiple inputs.

Next, click the Search by Login Status field and choose Invited.

Once you click Search, the results will be filtered with the Contacts that meet the specified criteria.

Now let's save this search for future use. Click the 3 dots on the bottom next to Select Filter. Then click Save as New.

A field will appear in which you can give your custom search a name. Give it a title, then click the  Save as New button once more.

Now this search can be selected from the dropdown menu by clicking on this field. This is especially useful for more detailed searches so that you will not have to recreate it each time.

If you want to lock this filter so that your Contacts are automatically filtered this way any time you access the page, click the lock  icon. Once it is locked you can click it again to unlock it.

Now even when you navigate away from the page and return, the filtering will still be in place!

How do I manage my Saved Filters?

You can save multiple custom filters, remove them, and choose which ones to lock at any time.

When you lock a filter, the icon will change and the fields will by grayed out. You can unlock it by simply clicking it again.

Click the Clear button to reset the filter back to default.

To add an additional filter, input the desired search criteria. Click the icon beside the Select Filter field, and choose Save as New.

Now you will be able to choose your custom filter from the dropdown menu.

You can also use this menu to Save a custom filter with edited search criteria or to Remove it.