New Billing Framework

Billing & Subscriptions Toolkit has received a major upgrade!

PLEASE REVIEW: This was a major update, and part of the update was migrating your existing plans/subscriptions FROM your payment gateway into the new Billing Framework logic in SuiteDash. These processes were extensively tested, but out of caution, you should review all Intake Forms with Paid Portal Access, Invoice Profiles, Plans, Subscriptions, etc. to be sure they are all configured as you require.

Any active Subscriptions will continue to charge your Client's payment method just as before, but you will now be able to manage the Subscription from the SuiteDash side instead of being forced to do that from the Payment Gateway (Stripe, Braintree, etc.,). This has paved the way for these great new features:

  • We've heard the community loud and clear - you can now apply Taxes and Discounts to your Subscription Plans!
  • You can now create Subscription Plans with a Free Trial Period. This will be indicated in the Invoice as a "Free Trial Discount", and they will not be charged until the trial ends.
  • Now you can set a limit for the number of cycles for a Subscription Plan.
  • You can add multiples of the same Subscription Plan to a single Invoice.

You can read more about Subscriptions HERE

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