LMS: How Do I Manage My Products

How Do I Manage My Products?

Navigate to LMS > Products. Here you'll see an overview of all Products in your platform.

By default, the Products will appear in the order you have created them from Newest to Oldest. You can use the Search field located in the top right-hand corner of the screen to filter the results, and can click the icon to switch from Oldest to Newest.

To start with, your newly-created Products are Inactive. This means that the Product is not yet live for Participants to use.

You can see which Products are still Inactive as they will have a Not Activated tag

We're not quite ready to activate it yet, so click the icon and select Manage.

In your Product View, you can see the list of Courses it contains. You'll also have options to choose from in the panels to the right of the screen.

Edit Details: Modify Product details, such as the Title, Description, Cover Image, etc. You can also edit which Courses are contained within this Product here.

Owners: Choose which users are assigned to this Product. Owners are the users that will be presented with the learning materials.

Automations: Trigger Automations when all Courses from this Product are completed by Contact or Staff.

You'll be able to manage any Courses that are in the Product from this screen.

Manage: Modify all of the information of the Course. More details in the next section.

Duplicate: Duplicate the content already created, this can then be edited to suit your requirements.

Preview: See a preview of how the Course will appear to the Participant. Note: At least one Module is required to preview the Course.

Remove: Remove the Course from the Product. Note: This does not actually delete the Course.