Customize the Notifications for Staff & Clients

Customize which Project notifications Clients will receive

Only send the emails you want your Clients to see!

In this guide, we'll explore how to change which emails your Clients receive and how to make sure your branding is consistent across all of the notifications. 

Let's head over to  Projects > Settings in the main menu.

Then, click the Notification Preferences tab in the left side menu bar.

You will see all of the available notifications.

Changes made in these settings will affect all users except the ones with their own custom settings. For example, if they specified that they don't want to receive notifications about Tasks and you enable that on this screen they still won't receive them.

However, there's a way to override their existing selection, and you can do that by editing based on Role.

To edit the notifications by Role, click the Update Staff/Contacts Settings button.

A pop-up will appear, giving you the option to choose which Contact and Staff Roles will be affected by your changes.

In our example, let's choose Client. Changes made here will affect Clients only and everyone else will keep following what's selected on the general screen.

To override their selections, configure your settings and ensure that you tick the box for Override existing settings.

You may be wondering... ok, but what are the contents of the emails they will be receiving? 

You can edit all of the email content received by your Contacts and Staff Members via  Email Templates.

To get there, go to Flyout Menu > Email Templates.

You'll be presented with the categories of all of the Email Templates you can edit. Select Projects under "Project Management".

You will now see all the available email notification types to edit (or translate!) the content for.

You're free to change the text and add available Placeholders as you like.

To change the text for an email, edit the Body and/or Subject. Be sure to save after making your changes.

In case you want to see what your email looks like before saving it, you can send a test to yourself by entering your email address in the field shown below.

Just keep in mind that Placeholders won't populate in test emails, so you'll still be able to see the stuff in brackets. In practice, these will be automatically replaced with the correct information.

That's not all, though.  This roster only shows notifications related to Projects, but you may want to change the Tasks notification too. 

Click Back to Email Templates Dashboard to go back to the previous screen. This time, click Tasks under "Project Management".

And here's the roster for Tasks.

You can do the same for all Outlook Emails and Task Approvals.

Simply return to the main Email Templates screen, enter each group, and make your changes.

Rinse and repeat, and get creative with your emails!