MESSAGING: File Attachments

File Attachments in Messaging

Secure Messaging allows you to attach files when sending a new message as well as when replying. This option is available for all Staff and Contact roles who have access to the Portal and the Secure Messaging feature.

When creating a new message or replying to a message you will see an upload field that you can drag & drop files directly from your computer or you can click/tap the "Select Files" button to browse files on your device.

What does it look like to the message recipient?

When a File Attachment is sent in a Secure Message there will be a paperclip icon next to the subject name in the Messaging Inbox.

The recipient will open the message and at the top of the message they will see a banner with a button to "View Attached Files" and the number of Attached Files in this message/reply. 

When the recipient clicks/taps on the "View Attached Files" button, they will be able to download or view all of the files that were attached to this message. Files can be downloaded individually, by clicking the download icon next to each file, or as a group, by clicking download at the bottom.