WordPress Direct Login Plugin

What does the WordPress plugin do?

The WordPress plugin offers a direct login 'tunnel' from your website directly into your SuiteDash account.
When your Users log in through the plugin's login form they'll completely bypass the platform login process and be delivered directly into their portal.

Where can I download the WordPress plugin?

You can integrate platform login functionality into your WordPress site using our free WordPress Plugin which you can find here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/client-portal-suitedash-login/
Once installed and activated you can access the settings of the plugin from your menu at Settings > Platform Login.

There is a setting in the Plugin settings that lets you enter your Custom URL and that's how you make that connection. When your Clients log in from your website they'll be immediately logged into your platform account and bypass the login screen there completely, ending up inside their portal.

From these settings, you can style the login form itself, as well as enter your Custom Domain URL (if you have one setup; if not you can leave this field blank).

You can display the login link in a few different ways depending on your personal preference:
1) You can place the shortcode [wp_suitedash_login /] in any page which will add a "Login" button that when clicked will display the appropriate login form.
2) You can add a custom link in your WordPress Appearance > Menus settings using the appropriate parameters as outlined in the example below:

3) From the WordPress Appearance-->Menus settings you also have the option to add a default Login link.