Quickbooks Online Integration

What is the QuickBooks Online integration?

You can sync Invoices and Estimates created within your Office menu with your QuickBooks Online account.

IMPORTANT: The sync is one way only, from the platform --> QuickBooks. This means that Invoices, Estimates, Items, Contacts, etc. that you create in the platform will be replicated in QuickBooks Online. However, anything that you create in QBO will not be replicated in your platform account. The 'Edit Open Invoice' function within the platform will also be disabled as Quickbooks does not allow for the editing of invoices.

How do I set up the QuickBooks Online integration?

To get started, navigate to Flyout Menu > Integrations.

In the QuickBooks Online section, click the Connect to QuickBooks button.

From here, you will be prompted to log in to your QuickBooks Online account. You'll then be asked to confirm the connection between QBO and your platform account.

Once connected, all Invoices and Estimates that are created within your platform account will be automatically created in your QBO account. Additionally, any Invoice payments that are tracked inside of your account will be reflected in the Payment History of your QBO account.

How do I set a Tax as "Tax-Free" and still sync to QuickBooks?

QuickBooks does not have an automatic Tax reference for Items with no Inline Tax by default.

If you want to create an invoice with both  taxable Items (Inline Tax) and non-taxable Items (Tax applied at the end), you'll need to follow this tutorial to create a General Tax for instances where you want the Tax to be applied to the general Invoice only:
You will need to add in QuickBooks a Rate per Tax - type GST - with the name Custom Tax Integration and Value 0.
This will create a reference for all the non-taxable Items in your Invoice to default to Value 0 in QuickBooks.