Quickbooks Online Integration

What is the Quickbooks Online integration?

You have the option to sync Estimates and Invoices created within your Billing menu with your QuickBooks Online account. The sync is ONE WAY only, from the platform TO Quickbooks Online. This means that estimates, invoices, items, contacts, etc... that you create in this platform will be replicated in Quickbooks Online. However, items that you create on the QBO side will not be replicated in your account here.

How do I setup the Quickbooks Online integration?

First navigation to the Integrations page by clicking your Profile picture in the top right and selecting Integrations from the My Account column

You can link your QuickBooks Online account to your account by navigating to Settings > My Account > Integrations and clicking the "Connect to QuickBooks" button.

From there, a new window will open, prompting you to login with your QuickBooks Online credentials, and ask you to confirm connection between QuickBooks Online and your account.

Once connected, all Estimates and Invoices that are created within your account will be automatically created in your QuickBooks Online account as well. Additionally, any Invoice payments that are tracked inside your account will be reflected in your payment history of your QuickBooks Online account.

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