Support Tickets: General Settings

What are General Settings in Support Tickets

In General Settings for Support Tickets you will find the Mailbox Address for your specific Support Ticket Inbox as well as the default settings for replying including autoreplies and signatures.

How do I Access the General Settings for Support Tickets?

You can access the General Settings for Support Tickets by Navigating to Support on the left side menu. This will load the Support Ticket toolkit.

You then can select the 3-dots next to the Support Title on the left side to open the menu and select General Settings OR you can select the Cog icon on the right menu.

How do I set up the General Settings for Support Tickets?

Mailbox Address & Connected Email Address

The Mailbox Address link and the Connected Email Address field go hand in hand.

The Mailbox Address is the inbound email address for your Support Ticket inbox. Emails sent to this address will either create a new Ticket or register an already existing Ticket and add the reply to that thread.

The Connected Email Address is the Contact friendly email address that you connect to your Support Tickets toolkit.

Example: For example using

To connect a White Label email address (an email address using your organization's domain name) to your Support Ticket toolkit, you would want to set the chosen email address up a forwarder and configure it to forward all email to the email address specified in Support Ticket > General Settings.

You should then enter that White Label email address, in our example, into the "Connected Email Address" field. The platform will then use that email address ( and set it as the "REPLY TO" email address for all emails sent from the Support Ticket toolkit.

The end result is that when someone first sends an email support request to it will be routed into your Support Tickets toolkit as a new Ticket AND when a reply is received from your Staff, the Customer/Client can simply reply, and that reply will also get sent to, be recognized and added to the appropriate Ticket conversation thread.

All transactional emails sent by the platform will still use the sending method email address configured in the Transactional Email Branding settings as the FROM address when sending emails to your Contacts and Staff.

Auto Bcc

The Auto Bcc option allows you to automatically send a copy of every outbound reply sent from your mailbox to a specific external address. This is useful if you need to loop in an external email address for archival or compliance reasons.


Status determines which status your conversations automatically go to after a reply has been sent.

Default Assignee

Default Assignee designates who has ownership of a conversation after a Staff member replies. Choose Anyone if you'd like to keep conversations Unassigned regardless of who replies, Person Replying if you want to make sure whomever sends the most recent reply retains ownership of the conversation, or Person Replying (if Unassigned) if you'd like the first person who replies to take ownership of the conversation.


Here you can set the default signature that will be applied to all Ticket replies on the Staff side.

Enable Autoreply

You can set the autoreply message that will be sent automatically when a new Ticket is created. This helps automate your Contacts experience in Support Tickets.