Support Tickets: Inboxes

What are Support Ticket Inboxes?

Inboxes in Support Tickets allow you to easily organize your incoming support inquiries. Think of Inboxes like buckets to sort the type of request you get. For example; you could have Billing, Development, General, Level 1-3, and so much more! The best part is this is entirely customizable to you and your business so you have the ability to create what Inboxes are best for your workflow.

How do I create/manage Inboxes in Support Tickets?

You can access the Manage Inbox Settings for Support Tickets by Navigating to Support on the left side menu. This will load the Support Ticket toolkit.

You then can select the 3-dots next to the Support Title on the left side to open the menu and select Manage Inboxes OR you can select the Filter icon on the right menu.

How do I create a new Inbox?

To create a new inbox click + in the Inbox menu

Alternatively, click the filter icon on the right side.

Now add the name for your Inbox and select an icon by clicking the Filter icon and selecting from the dropdown options.

To organize your Inboxes, go to 'Manage Inboxes' by either clicking the three dots in the Inbox menu on the left or by clicking the Filter icon on the right side.  

Inbox Order: You can change the order in which the Inboxes appear, by holding and dragging the icon to move the inboxes into your preferred order.  

Editing Inboxes: To edit the inbox, click the relevant Inbox name and then click the pencil icon to make your changes.

Deleting Inboxes: Although you can't delete the default 'Everything' Inbox, you can delete any custom inbox if you decide it is not required.  Click the relevant Inbox and then click the Trash bin Icon.

Confirm your deletion by clicking OK in the pop-up modal 

Why can't I remove the Everything Inbox?

The Everything Inbox is a special system Inbox that hold  all Tickets within the portal regardless of assigned Inbox (or lack of). This Inbox can be renamed and reordered but can not be removed. 

How do I sort a Ticket into an Inbox?

To sort a Ticket into an Inbox you will want to click into a Ticket to view the full Ticket.

At the top of the Ticket view you will see a Filter icon. Select this icon to open a list of available Inboxes.

Select one of the Inboxes to assign this Ticket to that Inbox.

Note: Only one Inbox can be assigned at a time!