How Do I create Webhooks?

Currently you can create a general webhook in Automations or you can create specific Subscription Webhooks.

CLICK HERE for more information on No-Code Automation Webhooks.

To create a Subscription Webhook, go to Flyout Menu > Integrations.

At the top of the page select Webhooks. 

Click Billing to enable your Billing Webhooks

You can select any/all of the above webhook options;

  • Subscription Created
  • Subscription Canceled
  • Subscription Expired
  • Subscription Unpaid

Toggle the option you want to activate and click the arrow to select the relevant information. 

You can now un-toggle any data that you do not want to send in the webhook.

You can then select the Preview Button to see an example of how the data will be received by the Endpoint.

This is the order in which the information is received.  

To change the order of the data, click and drag each line via the two lines to create your preferred order.

Once you are happy with your options, select to Configure Webhook Endpoints and click the +Add Webhook Endpoint button.

Add your Endpoint URL, select the relevant Webhook from the dropdown list and then toggle the button to activate it and then click save.

How Do I stop Webhooks?

Once you have Configured Webhook Endpoints you have the ability to de-activate the Webhook or delete the Webhook entirely.

To de-activate/pause the Webhook, un-toggle the button next to the Webhook in 'Configure Webhook Endpoints' and click save.

This will pause the Webhook however it can be re-activated at a later date by re-toggling the button.

To delete an existing Webhook, click the trash bin Icon on the right side of the Webhook in 'Configure Webhook Endpoints'.

This will delete the Webhook Entirely.