Support Tickets: Saved Replies

What are Saved Replies?

Saved Replies are reply templates created for commonly used responses.  Saved Replies in Support Tickets enables internal users to respond efficiently while also providing consistency. 

How do I create/manage Saved Replies in Support Tickets?

You can access the Saved Responses Settings for Support Tickets by navigating to Support on the left side menu. This will load the Support Ticket Toolkit. 

You then can click the 3 dots next to Support and select Saved Responses, or you can select the Reply Icon on the icon menu on the right. This will bring you into the Saved Responses settings where you can manage your Responses.

Editing Saved Replies: From the Saved Replies settings you can click the Pencil Icon to rename/edit an existing Saved Reply.

From the edit box you can rename and/or change the content of the reply.

Deleting Saved Replies: You can also delete an existing Saved Reply by clicking the relevant Trash bin Icon.

How to create a New Saved Reply

To create a new Saved Reply click the + Add New Saved Reply button.

Now add the name for your Saved Reply and add the content of the reply into the text box.

You have the option to add Placeholders to the reply.  Click the placeholder icon in the Text Block to select the relevant available placeholders.

How do I add a Saved Reply to a Ticket?

Click the reply icon to create your response.

From the reply box click the saved reply icon to select your reply.

A pop up window will appear with a list of all saved replies and you can select a reply by clicking the title.

Once your Saved Reply has been added you can either send the reply as it is or edit the reply before sending.