Sending a New Secure Message

You can use the Messaging system within SuiteDash to send private messages to one or multiple users within your installation. To send a new message, just navigate to Messaging from the main navigation menu, and select the “+ New Message” button.

From there, you will be able to select what users you would like to send a message to, as well as set a CC (if desired), fill out your message subject and body, and optionally select a Canned Response (see “Managing Canned Responses” for more info)

When selecting who to send a message to, you will have the option to select individual users, as well as entire Circles. If a Circle is selected, a message will be sent to every user that is assigned to that Circle.

Once your message is assigned to the desired users, and filled out the way you like, just click “Send” to send the message to the assigned users.

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