Canned Replies & Auto-Reply

What is a Canned Response?

A Canned Response is a predetermined message that can be included in the body of a message. This is useful when responding to frequently asked questions to provide a quick answer. You can also use a Canned Response to create a "signature" for your messages by automatically adding it to all outgoing messages.

An optional feature of using Canned Responses is the ability to Auto-Reply. You can use this feature to notify the sender that you are on vacation, for example.

How do I create a Canned Response?

Navigate to Messaging > Inbox, then click the Canned Responses tab.

Click the +Canned Response button.

A modal will appear in which you can customize the details of your Canned Response.

Name: This will act as your "quick reference" label for selecting a Canned Response. Your recipient will not see this name.

Color: Each Canned Response will have a circle icon beside it. You can choose a custom color to help differentiate between the different types of responses.

Body: The message that will be added to the message when this Canned Response is selected. You can include text, images, and/or any type of formatting via the default visual editor or HTML.

Auto-Add: If enabled, this Canned Response will be automatically added to the body of any new Message you create. This acts as a "signature", and you can only have one Canned Response set as Auto-Add.

Auto-Reply: If enabled, this Canned Response will be sent automatically for any new Message you receive. This is effective only for the first Message in a thread, so if the user replies to that message, they will not receive the Auto-Reply a second time.

Subject Line: If enabled, a Subject field will appear. The text you enter here will automatically appear in the Subject field for a new Message when this Canned Response is selected. This will also be applied if Auto-Add is active. It will NOT be applied when Auto-Reply is active.

IMPORTANT: Placeholders CAN NOT be used in Messages at this time.

How do I use a Canned Response?

While creating a new Message or responding to a Message, you will see color-coded buttons for your Canned Responses. Simply click a button to add the text to your message.

If you have a Canned Response set to Auto-Add, it will already be populated when you create a new Message.

If you have a Canned Response set to Auto-Reply, there is no action needed by you. Any time a user sends you a new Message that Canned Response will be sent to them automatically.

IMPORTANT: A Canned Response set as Auto-Add will NOT be applied to an Auto-Reply Canned Response. If you use an Auto-Add Canned Response be sure to incorporate it into the Auto-Reply Canned Response.

How do I manage Canned Responses?

In Messaging > Inbox > Canned Responses, you will see a list of your Canned Responses.

At a glance you can see which ones are set to Auto-Add or Auto-Reply.

Click the Options menu button to interact with a Canned Response.

You can edit all of the details of the Canned Response, including the message. You can also set/unset Auto-Add or Auto-Reply status.

Please note that deleting the Canned Response will remove it from the platform, and this cannot be undone.