What is a Team?

A Team is essentially a grouping of internal users, such as Teammates, Project Managers, and Freelancers. Many times when working on Projects, you will be assigning the same group of users to the same types of Projects. For example, if the Project is a new website, you know that Bob from the art department, Shelly from programming, and Project Manager Tim will all be involved. By creating a Team, you can easily group these users together, allowing you to assign all of them to a Project at one time, without the need to assign them separately.

IMPORTANT: :Only the Super Admin, Admin, Project Manager, Teammate, Salesperson, and Freelancer Roles can be added to a Team. An Office Manager CANNOT be added to a Team.

Creating a New Team

To create a new Team, you will want to navigate to Projects–>Teams, and click the + button.

This will display a new pop-up form, with several fields to fill out.


Use this field to designate a convenient name for the group of users. Some examples might be “Art Department”, or “Web Design Team”. Only admins and managers will be able to see the name of a Team (or the Team menu in general).


Use this field to optionally provide a description for the Team. Only admins and managers will be able to see the description of a Team (or the Team menu in general).


Use this field to optionally assign a color for the Team. This color will be utilized in a few places in the installation, such as for use of the border color when assigning/unassigning users from a Team.

Assign Users

Use this field to assign your desired users to the Team. Any non-client and non-admin user who has access to Projects can be assigned to a Team. This would include the Project Managers, Teammates, Salespersons, and Freelancers.

Once a Team is created, you can manage it by using the “Options” dropdown.


Viewing a Team allows you to get a quick look at the Team details in the right side-pane, including the assigned users. You can use this option when you simply want to verify a detail about a Team.


Editing a Team allows you to modify all of the original Team settings, except for the assigned users. Use this option if you want to edit a Team’s name, description, or color.


Managing a Team brings up a user assignment functionality in the right-side pane. Managing a Team allows you to quickly assign or unassign users to and from a Team, using an easy drag-n-drop interface.


Deleting a Team will completely remove it from the app. There is no undo for this action, so you will want to make absolutely certain you want to delete a Team before confirming this action.

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