STAFF: Teams

What is a Team?

A Team is a grouping of Staff Members. Creating a Team allows you to assign a group of Staff Members to a Project, for example.

The names of Teams can only be seen by the Super Admin, Admin, Project Manager, and Office Manager.

How do I create a Team?

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Manage Teams.

Click the +Add Team button.

A modal will appear in which you can set up your new Team.

Name: The name of your Team. This is the only required field.

Description: Provide a description of the Team.

Color: Use the Color Picker to choose a color for the icon for the Team.

Assign Users: Choose the Staff Members you would like to add to the Team.

How do I manage a Team?

In Flyout Menu > Manage Teams, you can click the Options menu button (3 dots) to interact with the Team.

Manage: You will be directed to a user assignment page, in which you can easily drag and drop users into the Team.

View: This will bring up a modal with a summary of the Team (name, description, and icon color).

Edit: This will bring up a modal in which you can change the name, description, and icon color.

Delete: Remove the Team from the platform. This will not delete any users in the Team. Note: You cannot undo this action.