What is Team Talk?

Team Talk is essentially an individual Project message board, where Teammates, Project Managers, and Admins can discuss details of a Project. This is in contrast to Client Talk which is only for communication between Clients and Admins/Managers. The essential difference here is who can access which tab.
  • Clients will have access to Client Talk only.
  • Teammates and Salespersons will have access to Team Talk only.
  • Project Managers and Admins will have access to both Team Talk AND Client Talk.
  • Freelancers do not have access to either Team Talk OR Client Talk.

To access Team Talk, navigate to Projects > Projects.

Click on the Project you would like to communicate about, then click the Team Talk tab in the top navigation bar.

Here you will see a list of messages that have been posted. Clicking on a message will open a panel to the right where you can Reply. To create a new message, click the +Team Talk button. Assigned users will receive a Notification in the Notification Panel, in which they can shortcut to this page.

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