FILES: File Requests

What is a File Request?

If you need files or documents from a Contact, Staff member or even someone who is not registered in your account, you can use File Requests. File sizes up to 10GB each are supported.

How to start a File Request

Navigate to Files in the main menu, and click the Request Files button located in the top navigation bar.

A window will appear where you can customize the Destination Folder for any files that are uploaded through this File Request.

Choose a name for the Folder that the Requested Files will be uploaded to. The generated folder will be placed within the File Requests folder by default. If you would like to specify a different folder, you can click the Choose Folder button.

You can also add a date and time for the deadline of the File Request.

Click Next and select whom to send the File Request to. You can choose from individual users, Circles, or Teams, or you can type any external email address. You can also include a custom message.

The user(s) will receive an email with a user-friendly link to upload their Files.

Managing File Requests

In the Files view, click on the File Requests folder.

Here you will see a list of generated Folders for File Requests. You can click on the arrow button dropdown menu for interactive options.

Download: Download the Files contained in the Folder to your local storage.

Edit File Request: Change any information you've specified for your File Request.

Preview File Request: Click this option to see a preview of what your user(s) will see when this File Request is sent.

Delete File Request: This will delete the File Request folder along with its contents. This cannot be undone.

Send File Request Reminder: Resend the File Request. If you have specified multiple users, you can toggle which ones to send it to.

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