Customize Email Content

Can I customize the content of the emails sent?

Yes, you can change the content of emails sent from the platform. You are able to set the 'From Name', 'From Email', Subject Line & Body of each Email.

Placeholders like [company:name] and [Subject:Company], [From-Name] and [From-Email] are taken from your Custom Settings & Company Profile.  MORE INFO

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to remove important placeholders like [log-in], [project-title] or [user:one-time-login-url] in the emails, as they are dynamically replaced with specially coded links that have important functionality, and without them, the platform cannot function properly.

Where do I find the Email Templates admin area?

To start, you should navigate to your Fly-out Menu by clicking your Profile Picture in the top right of the screen.

Then, in the Your Branding column, you should select Email Templates.

Each Toolkit will have a section, and inside each, you'll see the templates that are available for editing.

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