Email Templates

Can I customize the content of emails sent?

Yes! You can change the content of most emails sent from the platform.

You are able to set the 'From Name', 'From Email', Subject Line & Body of each Email.

The Placeholders [company:name] and [Subject:Company], [From-Name] and [From-Email] are taken from your Company Settings.

CLICK HERE to learn about Company Settings

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to remove important placeholders like [log-in], [project-title] or [user:one-time-login-url] in the emails. These are dynamically replaced with specially coded links that have important functionality, and without them the platform cannot function properly.

How do I get started?

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Email Templates.

The Email Templates are grouped into sections of the platform.

Let's try clicking on Projects. Any email related to this section will be selectable in the top navigation menu bar.

The available Placeholders you can use for each section of the email are displayed at the top. Click the Placeholder to automatically copy it to your clipboard, and paste it into the correct field where desired.

CLICK HERE to learn about Dynamic Data Placeholders

By default, the "From Name" and "From Email" will pull data from the settings you have configured in the Email Branding section.

CLICK HERE to learn about Email Branding

On the left side, you can edit the Subject line, and edit the Body field with a standard WYSIWYG editor. A preview of the message is shown on the right.

The preview will only show the Placeholders, because it does not have any data to pull from. Once you send the email to a user, the data will be displayed correctly.

Clicking Reset to default will restore the Template to its original state.

You can input an email address to send a test email. Click Use my email to auto-fill this field with the email from your Profile.

IMPORTANT: You will still only see the Placeholders in a test email. This is because It has no reference data to pull from. We recommend creating a Test Client to test these emails with.

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