DOCUMENTS: Digital eSigning

What is Digital eSigning?

Digital eSigning is the process of signing/adding a signature to a Document, digitally. In addition to providing a PDF version of a Document, you can also require that your Clients (and optionally an internal staff member) digitally sign any generated Document. This is designated on a Template basis, so that any Document generated from a particular Template will require a digital signature. 

Setting up the Document Template

Before you can generate a Document and deliver it to the Client for signing, you will first need to build a Document Template.

CLICK HERE to learn about Document Templates

Setting up Digital eSigning

You can get started by navigating to Office > Documents > Templates, and either creating a new Template, or editing an existing Template. Either way will bring you to a form with some options related to digital signature.

Apply the Digital Signing placeholders

By default, you will see some placeholder images on the right-side, related to Client Signature, Printed Name, Title, Initials, and Date. These can be used simply clicking and dragging them into the desired location in your Document Template content on the left-side. 

Wherever you place the placeholder will be where the Client can click to digitally sign (or type) the Document. If multiple of a particular field is desired, simply click and drag additional copies of the placeholder from the right-side as needed.

Requiring an Organization Signature

In addition to the Client Signature fields, you also have the option to require that a designated internal user also sign Documents generated from this Template. This is controlled via the checkbox at the top of the Document Template form:

Check this box if you want to require that one of your internal Staff (either yourself, or a specific Admin or Office Manager) digitally sign any Documents that are generated from this Template. After you check this box, a drop-down will appear below this setting, allowing you to choose your desired assigned internal user.

After making the selection, an additional set of Signature placeholders will appear on the right-side of the page (below the placeholders for Client Signature).

When you have the placeholders arranged as desired, you can save the Template, after which it will be ready for use. Whenever a new Document is generated from this Template, the various signature/name/title/initial placeholders will become clickable for the corresponding user (either the assigned Client or the internal user, depending on the field), and they will be able to enter the corresponding info via a pop-up box.

The lone exception to this is the "Date" field, which is not clickable, and cannot be manually filled out by the user. Instead, once the user (either the Client or the internal user) fully signs the Document (i.e. they fill out all instances of the Signature field), the Date field will be automatically populated with the current date.

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