Platform Branding

Customize with your Brand

You can find Platform Branding in the Fly-Out Menu, by clicking on your profile image in the top right of the screen. There you will find many options for setting custom background and text colors, as well as an option to use a custom logo for your account.

Logo and Preset Themes

This is the main logo that is displayed in the top-left corner of your screen.

For best performance, we suggest that your custom logo image be 200px wide, and has a max height of 60px.

Primary Elements Styling

This section configures the main view of the platform. You will be able to see any changes you make in real time.

The Main Navigation is the side navigation bar (with Dashboard, CRM, Office, etc.) that remains static regardless of what page you are on. This setting will control the background color (dark blue by default) of this navigation bar.

Text Color: This setting controls the color (light grey by default) of the text in the Main Navigation.

Icon Color: This setting controls the color (light grey by default) of the icons (such as the logout icon, the help icon, etc.) of the Main Navigation.

Advanced Color Controls: Toggle this switch to ON for additional options.

Registration Page

When a user is invited to the platform and clicks the link to complete their registration, this is the page that will be displayed.

You can upload an image that will appear in the background. For best results (to fit the entirety of most screens without distortion), we suggest that the image be at least 2560px in width, with a max height of 1440px.

TIP: If an image is not uploaded, by default the background will appear as a preview of the platform with a privacy filter on the text, as shown below.

Text Color: The color of the form text (First Name, Last Name, etc.)

Button Color: The color of the Save Password and Login button

Button Text Color: The color of the Save Password and Login text that appears on the button

Form Background Color: This is a box that appears behind the form to improve readability of the form text. In addition to the color, you can also set the opacity.

Custom Page Loader

Customize the graphic that is displayed during page loads. This can be either an animated image or a static image.

Changing the color and background color will display the changes in real time and can be seen applied to the selection of default loaders.

Loader Color: Choose the color of the image.

Background Color: Choose the background color that will display. The opacity level will only be shown along with the Background Animation.

Background Animation: Once the page has loaded, you can set how the background disappears.

Loader Width: The width dimension that you would like the graphic to be displayed.

Loader Max Width: Set the percentage of the graphic width for cases when the screen size is smaller than required. This is to keep the graphic proportions consistent.

You can choose from a variety of default loader animations. Or, you can upload your own custom image by selecting the first icon. Supported file types are JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG, or GIF.

Uploading an image overrides the other customization settings. However, you can apply animations to your loader to spice it up!

Choose an Image Animation from the dropdown menu. You can choose Static Image if you do not want any effect applied.

If you want to create your own unique Custom Loader to use but don't know where to start, you can click HERE for a vetted resource.


You can use Custom CSS to further your customization by toggling the switch to ON and inputting your code.

CLICK HERE to read more about Custom CSS Snippets

White Label Branding Controls

Choose to limit access to the "White Label" settings (everything listed under Your Branding in the Flyout Menu) to the Super Admin ONLY.

Hide Super Admin will essentially make the SA invisible. They will not appear in any dropdown menus throughout the platform.

Template Library

Choose to enable the Template Library, a resource for downloading new Templates for Proposals, Contracts, and Email Marketing Campaigns.

Filters & other References: This will hide all references to "Stock" and "Community".

"Contributed By": This will hide all avatars and usernames of contributing users.

# of times used: This will hide the counter that displays how many times the Template has been downloaded.

"Contribute Template": This will hide the option to "Contribute Template" in the Options menu button for Proposal, Contract, and Marketing Campaign Templates.

CLICK HERE to learn about the Template Library

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