Customize w/ your Logo & Colors

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If you click your Profile Pic in the top right to activate the Fly-out Menu and select  App Logo & Colors you will see many options for setting custom background and text colors, and a custom logo, for your SuiteDash installation.

Dashboard Logo

This is the main logo that is displayed in the top-left corner of your installation. For best performance, we suggest that your custom logo image be 200px wide, and have a max height of 60px.

Main Navigation – Background Color

The “Main Navigation” would be the top navigation bar (with “Dashboard”, “CRM”, “Office”, etc) that remains static regardless of what page you are on. This setting will control the background color (dark blue by default) of that navigation bar.

Main Navigation – Text Color

This setting will control the color (light grey by default) of the text in the Main Navigation.

Main Navigation – Icon Color

This setting will control the color (light grey by default) of the icons (such as the logout icon, the help question mark, etc) of the Main Navigation.

PRO TIP: If you want to further customize your accounts colors, you will need to use the Custom CSS area provided at the bottom of the App Logo & Colors menu item.

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