Template Library

What is the Template Library?

The Template Library is a repository for pre-built Templates. It contains both user-created and stock Templates that are provided by default.

Create your own templates for the following items:

  • Proposals
  • Documents
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Drip Sequences
  • Email Cannons
  • Form Templates
  • Form Themes
  • Portal Pages
  • Dashboards

Additional types of Templates will be added in the future.

Templates can be contributed and shared with the community OR you can share your Templates with other accounts privately! 

Private Sharing can be done on a per-Template basis, or share multiple templates via the Global Share option.

TIP: The Super Admin and Admin(s) can access the Template Library. However, only the Super Admin can configure the related settings in Platform Branding.

How do I enable the Template Library?

In order to use this feature, you'll first need to enable it in your Platform Branding settings.

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Platform Branding.

In the Template Library section, you'll see a toggle switch to Enable/Show the Template Library. Switch this setting to ON to gain access.

You'll also be able to limit the visibility of the features associated with the Community Library.

Filters & other References: This will hide all references to "Stock" and "Community".

"Contributed By": This will hide all avatars and usernames of contributing users.

# of times used: This will hide the counter that displays how many times the Template has been downloaded.

"Contribute Template": This will hide the option to "Contribute Template" in the Option dropdown menu for Proposal, Document, and Marketing Campaign Templates.

Where do I find the Template Library?

Once enabled you will see the Template Library menu item in your Flyout Menu.

You'll be directed to the Template Library, which displays the Templates in a tile format. The Templates are color-coded by type and display the title along with relevant Category tags.

TIP: Some features, such as user names/avatars and references to "community", can be disabled in your Platform Branding settings. Please refer to the previous section for details.

You can choose to view all available Templates or choose between Stock, Community or Private.

Stock Templates are "default" Templates provided by us. They're a great way to get you started.

Community Templates have been contributed by other users and have been approved by us.

Private Templates are Templates that have been provided by another account directly.

Use the dropdown menu fields on the top right-hand corner of the screen to filter by type (Proposal, Document, or Marketing Email) or Category Tags, or to order the Templates by Most popular or most recently uploaded.

For Templates contributed by the Community the user's name and avatar will be displayed. The number of times the Template has been downloaded is also shown which determines the popularity of the Template.

If the user chooses to hide their identity a generic avatar will be shown with the name "Anonymous".

How do I download a Template?

Click on a Template to preview it.

The panel to the left provides the Template title, description, Category tags, as well as the contributing user if applicable.

To add the Template to your account click the Add Template button. This will automatically add the Template to its respective section (Proposal Templates, Campaign Templates, or Marketing Campaign Templates).

To add the Template and begin editing immediately click Use this template now.

How do I contribute a Template?

While in each applicable section of the platform you'll be able to click the Options menu button (3 dots) for a Template and select Contribute Template.

A modal will appear in which you are required to choose a Title and at least one Category. 

Title: The Title you already have for your Proposal Template will auto-populate into this field but you can rename it for the contribution.

Description: You can optionally include a description of the Template, such as a use case.

Category: Select at least one Category to label your Template. This will show up as a filterable tag.

Cover Image: You can include an image with your submission that will be displayed in the tile view of the Template Library.

Show creator name: Share your username and current avatar with your submission. If not enabled the contribution will show as "Anonymous".

Share this Template Privately: If enabled, your Template will be available for Private Share with users of your choice. if not enabled, the Template will come to us for approval before being shared with the Community.

How do I share my Templates privately?

Sharing individual Templates

When you toggle to Share this Template Privately a Private Sharing Key will be created and you can copy the code to your clipboard. You can now click the Share Privately button and provide the Private Sharing Key to your recipients.

Global Template Sharing

If you have more than one Template available for Private Share, and you would like to share all of them with a recipient you can use the Global Sharing Key located in the Template Library

The Global Private Sharing Key will be shown and you can now easily copy the code to your clipboard and share with the recipient. Simply share this Global Sharing Key with anyone who has access to the Template Library. They will be able to use the Private Sharing Redemption tool to redeem your Global Sharing Key. When they do this, they will have access to all the Templates that you have Privately Shared in the past, and all the Templates that you Privately Share in the future.

IMPORTANT: By providing the Global Private Sharing Key to your recipient, They will be able to see and use all of your Privately Shared Templates in their account.

How do I redeem Private Sharing Keys?

When you receive a Private Sharing Key or Global Private Sharing Key you can redeem it in your Template Library.

Click the key icon in your Template Library as shown below

Paste the Private Sharing Key and click the Redeem button.

You can now see the Privately Shared Templates by searching All or Private as shown below.

What templates can I share?

Proposal Templates

For Proposal Templates, navigate to Office > Proposals.

Hover your cursor over the Proposals dropdown menu in the top navigation menu bar and select Full Templates.

CLICK HERE to learn about Proposal Templates

Document Templates

For Document Templates, navigate to Office > Documents.

Click Templates in the top navigation menu bar.

CLICK HERE to learn about Document Templates

Marketing Campaign Templates

For Marketing Campaign Templates, navigate to Marketing > Templates.

CLICK HERE to learn about Marketing Campaign Templates

Form Templates

For Form Templates, navigate to Forms and click on the Templates tab.

CLICK HERE to learn about Form Templates

Portal Page Templates

For Portal Page Templates, navigate to Content > Portal Pages > Manage Templates,

CLICK HERE to learn about Portal Page Templates

IMPORTANT: When creating a Dynamic content of blocks such as Custom Fields, Portal Pages, Appointment Types Circles access, iFrame, and Embed blocks will be removed from the Template and will not be part of the Template in the Library.

What happens after I contribute a Community Template?

When a Template is submitted as a contribution it will undergo an approval process. During this process, you will see Contribution Pending in the Options menu button (this cannot be clicked).

IMPORTANT: Any Template that contains material deemed inappropriate for the community will be rejected. This includes offensive content as well as copyrighted materials.

If you have included a Cover Image along with your submission a respective color-coded border will be applied to it.

Once approved, your Template will appear in the Template Library for anyone to use!

For an already contributed Template, you'll see a new selection in your Options menu button: Update Contribution.

You can select this option to resubmit the Template for approval if you have made any changes. It will then undergo an approval process, just like a new submission.