PAGES: Assigning a Start Page

What is a Start Page?

A Start Page is a 'content page' that you are able to assign as the first thing that any Prospect/Client sees after they login.

So, an example would be a Portal Page. You can create a Portal Page with some content meant exclusively for just one Contact or some set of Contacts, and assign that page as the Start Page for those Contacts. After that, when those Contacts login, they'll be taken directly to that Portal Page to view that content.

IMPORTANT: Impersonating a Client will not work when testing the Start Page feature as you will not be redirected to the Start Page when Impersonating. You will need to test by logging in directly as the Client just as if you were the Client.

How do I assign a Start Page?

Assigning a Start Page is really quite simple.

Firstly, to be assigned a Start Page, a contact must already be assigned to have access to that Page.

After that, you can use the Options menu item to access the 'Start Page' interface, or if you are in the Edit mode for the Portal Page, you can click the Assign as Start Page button

Then, from the provided interface, you can choose which Contacts or Circles should have this Portal Page assigned as their Start Page.

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