PAGES: Assigning a Start Page

What is a Start Page?

A Start Page is a content page that you are able to assign as the first thing that any Prospect/Client sees after they log in. Think of it as their "homepage".

You can set any Portal Page you've created to be a Prospect or Client's Start Page. The content can be as personalized as you'd like.

How do I assign a Start Page?

Assigning a Start Page is easy! First, you will need to create a Portal Page that you would like to be your Prospect or Client's Start Page.

CLICK HERE to learn about creating a Portal Page

Once you have a Portal Page created, navigate to Pages > Portal Pages > Manage Pages.

To assign a Start Page, the Contact must already be assigned to have access to that Page. During the creation process, there is a field to input Assigned User(s) and Assigned Circle(s).

If you haven't assigned a User/Circle, you can click the  Options dropdown menu of the Portal Page and click Edit to find the above field.

Once the correct User(s) have been assigned to the Portal Page, you can assign it as a Start Page in one of two ways. While in the Edit screen, click the Assign as Start Page button.

Or from the List View, you can click the Options dropdown menu and select Assign Start Page.

You can then select the User(s) or Circle(s) from the respective dropdown menus.

Linking to the Start Page

If you are using Custom Menus or some other link structure that you want to be dynamic based on which Contact is logged in, you can use this Placeholder Link to link to the logged-in Contact's Start Page:


The relative URL means that the provided URL is relative to your particular base URL.

If you are on a Plan that only permits you the default URL, then your Start Page link should end with /your-start-page/

If you are on a Plan that permits you to use a Custom URL, then your Start Page link should be

(replace with your Custom URL)

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