Activity Stream

What is the Activity Stream?

Activity Stream is a time-stamped log of events, emails, and logins that have occurred within the platform. It will show everything that has happened that relates to the user viewing it with varying access depending on that user's Role.

Any time a user takes some sort of action - creating a Document, editing a Task, deleting a Company - you can see a record of it here. In addition, you can see a record of notification emails that have been sent to users, as well as the precise time a user has logged into the platform or has even attempted to.

Activity Stream is not accessible by Contacts or Freelancers.

Where do I find Activity Stream?

To access Live Stream, navigate to Flyout Menu > Activity Stream.

You can then navigate to the different areas of the Activity Stream via the top navigation menu bar.


When you access Activity Stream via the Flyout Menu this is where you will be directed by default. You can return to it by clicking Activity in the top navigation menu bar.

Here you can see any time an action is taken on the platform by a Contact or Staff Member.


Here you can see a record of every email notification that has gone out to users on the platform. You can view any outgoing or incoming Private Messages to you.

Click Email in the top navigation menu bar.

Click the See Message button to view the message the user received.


Here you can view a history of all successful and unsuccessful login attempts.

Click  Logins in the top navigation menu bar.


You can configure which users are able to access the Activity Stream as well as which tabs they can see.

Click  Settings in the top navigation menu bar.

You can set visibility for the Activity, Email, and Logins sections individually.

Choose by Role: Select which Roles are able to see the specified tab. If a Role is omitted from all three tabs they will not see the Activity Stream link in their Flyout Menu.

Choose by Individual/Team: Choose individual Staff Members or click "Select All" to give all Staff Members visibility (Freelancers are excluded).

You can also choose by Team in the same way.

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