Live Stream and Live Stream Widget

What is Live Stream?

Live Stream is a history of events that have occurred within the platform. It will show the user everything that is happening that relates to them. It is accessible by most Staff Roles, and is not accessible by Contacts.

Freelancers do not have access to Live Stream in their respective Flyout Menus, but you can grant them access via the Live Stream Widget. More about the Live Stream Widget further below.

Where do I find Live Stream?

To access Live Stream, navigate to Flyout Menu > Live Stream.

You will be taken to a list detailing any action a Staff Member or Contact has taken. Anything from adding a new Contact to pausing a Timer will be shown here.

For the Super Admin and Admin(s), all actions from every user will be visible. For other users, only actions that pertain to them will be shown.

What is the Live Stream Widget?

The Live Stream Widget is a convenient shortcut to the Live Stream that you can view right on your Dashboard. You can set which users can see this Widget, granting access to a user whom otherwise cannot navigate to the Live Stream page.

CLICK HERE to learn about Dashboard Widgets

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