PROJECT: Task Proofing & Approval

What is Task Approval?

There are times when you might need to present some status updates, logo versions, documents, examples, etc... to a Client and get their official approval.
Task Approval is designed to 'assign' the approval to your Client, allow them to review the information & give either an Approval, or if they want to Reject, to give feedback.

How do I setup Task Approval?

Task Approval works via the Project Management tool, and requires that you create/assign a Task to your Client.
You should already have a Project working with the Client assigned. If you don't have one, you'll need to create a Project as the first step. Create Project
From inside the Client's Project, you'll create a new Task, and select the Client from the Assigned To select box.
When the Client is selected, you'll see that a new option will show just beside that assignment called Request Client Approval?

What does the Client See?

When you create and assign the Approval Task to the Client, they will receive an email notification, and also see the Task in their list of Tasks both in the Project, and in their MyTasks tab. The Task will have an extra designation of Approval Pending.

How does the Client approve or reject?

When the Task details are opened, the Client is able to view all the details of the Task as well as download/review any Files that are attached to the Task.

The Client is then offered the choices of APPROVE or REJECT & GIVE FEEDBACK

What happens when the Client makes a choice?

If the Client chooses APPROVE, the task is marked as Approved, and an email is sent to the Client's Coordinator & the Task Assigner.

If the Client chooses REJECT & GIVE FEEDBACK, the Client is prompted to provide Feedback, and after that step is complete, the Task is marked as Pending Approval, and an email is sent to the Client's Coordinator & the Task Assigner.

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