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VIDEO: Create a new Project

To create a new Project, simply navigate to Projects > Projects, and click the Add Project button.

From this page, you have several fields and options to fill out to create your Project.

Project Name

This will be the name of the Project, which will be displayed in the table at Projects–>Projects. All users who are assigned to a Project (including clients) will see the Project name.

Project Status

You can use Project Status to indicate what phase the Project is in.

Estimated Completion Date

While this field is set as required, it may not be a big priority in your workflow. If you don't need to worry about this date, then just set it off into the future by a few months. There are no negative effects of doing this

Target Time

If you are using the Est. Completion Date, and your Project timelines are quite short (a matter of days), then you may want to assign a Target Time in addition to the Est. Completion Date.

Project Description

The Client will not see what is entered here. This will be the description of the Project, which will be visible only to those who have the permissions to edit the Project, which would be the Master Admin, all Admins, and the assigned Project Leader.


Use this field to select your desired client that will be assigned/related to the Project. Alternatively, if the desired client doesn’t exist in your installation yet, you can use the "Add Client" button beneath the field to add a new client. This will bring up a “Add Quick Client” overlay, with just a few fields that will allow you to quickly create a new client.

After the new client is created, they will be automatically assigned to the new Project you are creating.

Secondary Clients

If your Client is a larger company, you may be working on the Project with a few people at that company. In this case, you have the option to add Secondary Clients. Read more about Secondary Clients  HERE

Assigned to the Project

Use these fields to assign various internal users to the Project. This would include the Master Account user, Admins, Project Managers, Teammates, and/or Salespersons. In order to assign a task to a user inside a Project, that user will need to be assigned to the Project itself, which can be done here.

When assigning users to a Project, you have two options. You can either assign individual users directly to the Project, simply by clicking inside the blank box on the right side. Alternatively, you can use the “Select Team” drop-down box on the left to assign entire groups of users at once (You can find out more about Teams elsewhere in the documentation). These two assignment methods can be used in tandem, meaning that if you assign a Team to a Project, you can then add-on individual users to the Project, in addition to the previously assigned Team users.

PRO Tip: As a side note, your user (that you are logged-in as) will not appear as an option in this drop-down field, as you will automatically be assigned to Project you create.

Project Leader

This field will designate the “Project Leader” for this Project. The Project Leader will manage all “Questions” and task approvals/completions within the Project. The Project Leader can be any Admin or Project Manager that exists in your installation.

Project Template

Use this drop-down to optionally apply a Project Template to your new Project. You can read more about Project Templates in the corresponding section further below.

Estimated Completion Date

Clicking this field will bring out a date-picker calendar, which will allow you to set a date of estimated completion for this Project. This date will appear as the “Due Date” in the table at Projects–>Projects, among other places. All users who are assigned to a Project (including clients) will be able to see this date.

Business Sector

Use this field to optionally assign this Project to the desired Business Sector. 

Business Sector is a data point that you can customize and assign to each Project based on your needs. 

For example, if you were a CPA Firm, you may have some projects that fall into the Payroll sector, and others that involve Tax Returns, and others related to Corporate Bookkeeping. In this example, each of those might be a Business Sector.

As of now, Business Sectors are used only for organizing your Projects in this way. In the near future, they will be used by our upcoming Reporting toolkit to help you analyze how much value each Business Sector is bringing to your business or organization.

Estimated Value of Project

Use these fields to optionally set the estimated value of the Project, by first selecting a currency from the drop-down box on the left, and then entering a numerical value in the box on the right. All users who are assigned to a Project (including clients) will be able to see the Project’s estimated value.

When the Project details are filled out to your liking, simply select “Create” to save the Project. The Project will be immediately viewable to all assigned users, and the users will also receive email notification regarding the new Project.

When you complete the form and click Create, you'll be ready to start Adding Tasks

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