PROJECTS: Projects

What is a Project?

A Project is an organized plan to achieve a business objective. Projects have an end goal that you can track completion on which can optionally be broken down into Tasks.

Every Project requires a Client. As a staple feature of the platform, there are many settings related to Projects, including just how much involvement you would like the Client to have in the Project.

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TIP: If your Project isn't related to a Client you can use a "dummy client" in place of a real one. You can read about how to create a Test Client HERE.

How do I create a Project?

To get started, navigate to Projects > Projects and click the +Add Project button.

Basic Info

From this page, you have a series of fields and options to create your  Project.

Project Name: The title of the Project, which can be seen by all users assigned, including Clients.

Status: You can choose from a list of default Statuses from the dropdown menu, or you can create your own with Content Categories.

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Project Start Date: An optional field, if you would like to set an official start date for reference.

Estimated Completion Date: An optional field, your best assessment of a completion date.

Target Time: An optional time of day to be used in conjunction with the Estimated Completion Date. You can choose a time from the dropdown menu, in increments of 30 minutes.

Project Information (Visible only to staff): A description of the Project which will NOT be visible to the Client.

Project Information (Visible only to Client): Information for the Client to see, and NOT your Staff.

Client Assignment

Client is required for every Project that is created. You can also quickly create a new Client by clicking the +Add Client button.

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You can also assign Secondary Clients who will have limited access to the Project.

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Project Assignments

Assign at least one Teammate (single Staff Member) or Team (group of multiple Staff Members) to the Project through the dropdown menu.

You can also assign a user as the Project Leader. The Project Leader will handle all Task Approvals/Completions within the Project.

Only a Super Admin, Admin, or Project Manager can be assigned as Project Leader.

If these fields are left blank, the user who is creating the Project will be assigned, and will also be designated the Project Leader.

TIP: You as a user (that you are logged in as) will not appear as an option in the dropdown menu, as you will automatically be assigned to the Project you create.

Task/Phase Generation

You can choose to apply a Task Template to the Project during creation. This will generate predefined Tasks and Phases. 

By default, the due dates for the Tasks and Phases generated from a Task Template will be based on the  creation date of the Project. You can instead use the Date Picker to select a different Based on Date.

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Project Economics

Choose a  Business Sector you have created in Project Settings. A Business Sector is a classification that you can customize.

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You can also specify an estimated value of the Project by inputting a number in the field and choosing your currency from the dropdown menu.

If you want to calculate the value of the Project based on  time spent, check the respective box. Before marking a Task as Complete, the assignee will be required to input the time spent.

Project Automations

By default, the Project will not automatically be set to Complete when all Tasks are Complete, and vice-versa. Here you can enable this logic.