PROJECTS: Task Proofing & Approval

What is Task Approval?

There are times when you might need to present Status updates, logo versions, documents, examples, etc. to a Client to get their official approval.

Task Approval is designed to assign the power of approval to your Client. It allows them to review the information and either Approve or Reject with feedback.

How do I set up Task Approval?

Task Approval works via the Project Management tool and requires that you create and assign a Task to your Client. You should already have a Project working with the Client assigned. If you don't have one, you'll need to create a Project as the first step.

CLICK HERE to learn more about creating Projects

You can set Task Approval for existing Tasks, or during the creation process for a new Task. To get started, navigate to Projects > My Tasks, or Projects > All Tasks. Click "Add Task" to create a new one, or use the Options menu button and select "Edit" from an existing Task.

Select the Client from the "Assigned To"  dropdown menu. When the Client is selected, a window will appear with additional options.

Checking the checkbox for Client Approval will automatically check the second, which prevents editing or reassigning. Click  Task Approval Settings to bring up a window with additional options.

From here, you can select from the dropdown menu to choose which Staff Member(s) or Team(s) will receive a notification upon Approval or Rejection. By default, notification is sent to the Client's Coordinator and the Task Assigner.

What does the Client see?

When you create and assign the Approval Task to the Client, they will receive an email notification. In addition, they will see the Task in their list of Tasks both in the associated Project and their My Tasks tab. The Task will have an extra designation of Approval Pending.

How does the Client Approve or Reject?

When the Task details are opened, they will have the choice to Approve or Reject & Give Feedback.

What happens when the Client makes a choice?

When a choice is made, an email notification is sent to the Client's Coordinator and the Task Assigner by default. Notification will also be sent to any Staff Member or Team you specified in the Task Approval Settings.

If the Client chooses Approve, the Task is marked as Approved. If the Client chooses Reject & Give Feedback, they are provided a text box to input feedback before confirmation.