TOOLS: Impersonate Your Users

What is Impersonating?

Impersonating is basically logging in as another user but in a "simulated" way. It is a method of testing the platform to see exactly what they see when logged in.

When you Impersonate one of your Users you will experience the platform almost exactly as that User. There are some small exceptions noted below but for all intents and purposes, the experience is exactly as if you were logged in as that User.

Which Roles are able to Impersonate other Users?

Only the Super Admin and Admin(s) can Impersonate. They are able to Impersonate any Prospect, Client, or Staff member.

The Super Admin is the only user who cannot be Impersonated.

How do I Impersonate a User?

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click  Options (3 dots) beside the Contact you would like to view the platform as then click the icon.

You can also Impersonate from the Contact's CRM Dashboard by clicking on the Contact's name. Once in the Dashboard click the lightning bolt icon to access the Impersonate button. 

CLICK HERE to learn about the CRM Dashboard

While in Impersonate Mode you will experience the platform as the User as if you were logged into their account.

A drop down menu located at the top of the screen can be used to quickly switch between other Users on the platform.

If you switch to a User who cannot access the page of the platform you are viewing you will be redirected to the Dashboard instead.

How do I stop Impersonating a User?

To stop Impersonating a User and return to your own account click the power icon.

Alternatively, you can log out through the Flyout Menu, just as you would normally log out of your account.

What are the differences when it comes to Impersonating?

There are some functionalities that will not trigger via Impersonation, and will only happen when the user is actually logged in.

  • If a Contact is assigned an On-Boarding FLOW and has not yet completed it, it will not trigger when you Impersonate.