TOOLS: Impersonate your Prospects / Clients / Staff

What is Impersonating?

One of the most useful features built into the platform is the ability to Impersonate other users so that you can easily see exactly what they see.

When you Impersonate one of your users, you will be experience the platform almost exactly as that user. There are some small exceptions noted below, but for all intents and purposes, the experience is exactly as if you were logged in as that user.

Which roles are able to Impersonate other users?

Only the Super Admin and Admin(s) can Impersonate. They are able to Impersonate any Prospect, Client or Staff member.

The Super Admin is the only user that cannot ever be Impersonated.

How do I Impersonate a User?

It's easy. Just navigate to the List or Card view in Contacts or Staff, and from the Options menu, and choose Impersonate.

When you click Impersonate, the browser will reload, and you will then "see" the same experience as the user you are Impersonating.

How do I stop Impersonating a User?

It's just as easy. To stop Impersonating a user, just open the Fly-out Menu and select Logout.

What are the limitations when it comes to Impersonating?

Despite the fact that we are coding ninjas, there are some functionalities that just can't be replicated by Impersonation.
  • Start Page Functionality / When you Impersonate a Contact who has a Start Page setup, you will not be directed to that Start Page when you Impersonate. However, if that Contact WILL be directed to the correctly assigned Start Page if they login normally using the native login page or a custom login page that you have setup.
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