Translation (beta)

Can I translate the platform into another language?

Yes, you can! You can also use the translation feature to change specific terminology to better fit the needs of your business or organization.

Where do I start with Translation?

To start, you should navigate to your Flyout Menu by clicking your Profile Picture in the top right of the screen.

Then, in the Content column, select Translations.

Now you need to enable the translation functionality.

Check this box, and click Save.

How to find and translate words/phrases

Below the Translation Tips, you'll see a TRANSLATIONS FILTERS search field. You should start here if you're looking to translate a specific word or phrase. Simply type the word or phrase in the TRANSLATION FILTER search box, and on the 'Groups' side, you will see all the places in each Group that the word or phrase is used.

TIP: It's very helpful to click the Hide Empty Groups checkbox. This will hide all the groups in which your targeted phrase does not appear, thus making it easier to find.

Then, you can click through the Groups and modify the targeted word/phrase as needed.

From there, you can choose a Group, and then type the translation or alternative word/phrase in the field below the original, then click SAVE.

Translating the Menus

To translate Menus, you will need to use the Custom Menus functionality. To learn more about Custom Menus, CLICK HERE

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