Custom Menus

What is Custom Menus?

If for whatever reason, you don't want a Client, or any other role to view a specific area of the platform, you can accomplish this using Custom Menus.

To find the Custom Menus interface, simply click the down arrow over your profile picture in the top right, and look for Custom Menus

From there, you can use the tabs on the left side to select the role for which you want to show/hide menu items.

IMPORTANT: It's important to understand that for each role, you will only see the options that are available to that specific role. Also, in the case of 'Pages', that is not represented in the options for Custom Menus because the visibility or non-visibility of that item is based on whether or not that particular Client/Prospect has been assigned to any Pages. If they have been assigned to Pages, then they will see that menu item. If they have NOT been assigned to any Pages, then there will be no Pages menu visible to them. This same logic also applies to Workspace Pages & Intranet Pages.

Example of how Custom Menus would be used

In this example, let's say you did not want any Clients to see the Billing menu. To accomplish this, you would follow the direction in the screenshot below.

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