Custom Menus

What is Custom Menus?

Custom Menus gives you the power to...

Show/Hide Menu Items based on Role

Re-Name both Top-Level menu items & Sub-Items

Re-Order both Top-Level menu items & Sub-Items*

Change Icons for both Top-Level menu items & Sub-Items

and even.... 

Add new Menu Items* !

(*Some features only available for Thrive & Pinnacle plans)

Custom Menus Summary

If you don't want a Client, or any other role to view a specific area of the platform, you can accomplish this using Custom Menus.

Additionally, you are able to completely reorder, rename and change the icons for all menu items.

And, if you want to add additional menu items with direct links, you can do that too :)

Where can I modify the Custom Menus?

To find the Custom Menus interface, simply click the down arrow over your profile picture in the top right, and look for Custom Menus

From there, you can use the tabs on the left side to select the role for which you want to show/hide menu items.

IMPORTANT: It's important to understand that for each role, you will only see the options that are available to that specific role. Also, in the case of 'Pages', that is not represented in the options for Custom Menus because the visibility or non-visibility of that item is based on whether or not that particular Client/Prospect has been assigned to any Pages. If they have been assigned to Pages, then they will see that menu item. If they have NOT been assigned to any Pages, then there will be no Pages menu visible to them. This same logic also applies to Workspace Pages & Intranet Pages.

Managing Visibility using Custom Menus

When you first access custom menus, you will see the view below. 

If you want to hide any one of these top-level menu items, just click the "eye" icon, and from there you can select which roles will have visibility.

TIP: When you hide a top-level menu item from a Role, all the sub-items in that group will also be hidden from users with that Role.

IMPORTANT: If you select a sub-item to be visible for a Role, the top-level menu item will automatically be set to show (even if it was previously hidden).

How do I re-name Menu Items?

To rename menu items, simply click on the pencil icon next to the menu item that you want to rename.

How do I re-order Menu Items?

To reorder menu items, just grab the drag and drop handles and drag the menu item into position.

How can I add new Menu Items?

To add a new menu item, just click the PLUS icon, give it a label name, provide a direct link and choose an icon.

What kind of links can I add?

In the URL field, you are able to add either direct internal links that link to key locations within the platform, or you can also add direct external links to outside sources/web pages.

Here are some examples of Internal Direct Links

Link to Client's Shared Folder: /files/clients/shares

Link to Client's Invoices: /invoices/admin

Link to 'Add Work Request': /pm/workRequest/create

Link to an individual Portal Page (example):

You can find the Relative Link of most places in the platform by impersonating you Client, and navigating to the place you're trying to link to. Then look into the URL bar and copy the URL, which will start with either https::// or your Custom URL.

Here are some examples of External Direct Links

Link to an external Mortgage Calculator:

Link to an external PDF:

IMPORTANT: You can use direct internal links when adding new Menu Items, but be aware that a Client can experience an error if you provide a link to a resource or page where they don't have access. Example: You make a new menu item and you direct link to a particular Portal Page, but some of your Clients might not have been given access to that Portal Page. If they click the link, they will receive an error because that Portal Page is not correctly permissioned to them.

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