BILLING: On-Demand Invoice Generators

What is an On-Demand Invoice Generator?

An Invoice Generator is basically an Invoice all ready to go - it just needs to be assigned to a Client. You can apply the Invoice Generator to a Client with just a few clicks.

You can also create a Recurring Generator which will continually generate an Invoice, or an Accumulating Generator, which acts as a "running tab" for your Client with varying amounts with each generation.

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How do I create an Invoice Generator?

Navigate to Billing > Invoices.

Hover your cursor over Generators in the top navigation menu bar, and select On-Demand.

Then, click the +Add On-Demand Generator button.

Creating an Invoice Generator is very much like creating an Invoice, but with a few key differences.

CLICK HERE to learn how to create an Invoice

The Title field gives you the option to use Placeholders so that you can dynamically create a unique Invoice Title.

Available Placeholders: [client-first-name]  [client-last-name]  [current-year]  [current-month]   [current-day]

Generator Settings: Choose from the dropdown menu how the Invoice will be generated when the Generator is triggered. You can choose Open (will immediately be assigned to the Client), or Draft Status.

Publish Settings: Set a Relative Due Date for the Invoice to be paid, which will be determined based on the date it is generated.

Once you are finished creating your Invoice Generator, you can either Save as Open or Save as Draft

Open: The Invoice Generator will be active and will generate Invoices as configured.

Draft: It will save the creation process for you to complete later, and will not generate Invoices.

How can I assign an Invoice Generator?

For a new Client, you can assign an Invoice Generator while manually adding a Client into the platform, or via Kickoff Form.

For an existing Client, you can assign an Invoice Generator through the CRM list.

Manually Add Contact

Navigate to CRM > Contacts, and click the +Add Contact button.

In the On-Demand Generator section, you will be able to select an Invoice Generator from the dropdown menu.

TIP: This section will only appear when selecting the Client Role.

Kickoff Form

Navigate to Forms, and click the +Add Form button.

When prompted, select Kickoff Form.

You will be able to choose an On-Demand Invoice Generator from the dropdown menu.

TIP: This section will only appear when selecting the Client Role.

CRM List

If you would like to apply an Invoice Generator to an existing Client, navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click the Options menu button for the Client, and select OD Invoice Generator.

A modal will appear in which you can select the Invoice Generator from the dropdown menu.

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