BILLING: Invoice Profiles

What is an Invoice Profile?

Invoice Profiles are designed to let you pre-create an Invoice based on a pattern that is often repeated. You can then apply the appropriate Invoice Profile to a Client with just a few clicks.

Where can I create an Invoice Profile?

You'll find the Invoice Profile option in the Billing section of the primary menu.

Creating an Invoice Profile

Creating an Invoice Profile is very much like creating an Invoice, but with a few key differences.

Firstly, the Title field gives you the option to use placeholders so that you can dynamically create unique Invoice Titles (these Titles are only used for identification purposes, which help you identify the resulting Invoice in a list).

Available placeholders: [client-first-name]  [client-last-name]  [current-year]  [current-month]   [current-day]

The remaining settings for Invoice Profile are self-explanatory.

Just create the Invoice Profile just as you'd like the generated Invoice to look.

Where can I "Apply" an Invoice Profile?

There are currently two places where you can apply an Invoice Profile to a Prospect or Client: Intake Forms and from the CRM Contact's list.

Intake Forms

One of the most useful places you can apply Invoice Profiles is in Intake Forms.

Let's say you're running a business which requires your Clients to pay an upfront fee or recurring plan of some kind when they start working with you.

In this case, you would create an Invoice Profile that is setup for that 'upfront fee' or 'recurring plan', which means it would have items/prices added to it, the appropriate gateway configured and selected. You'd then construct a dynamic title using placeholders (eg. a placeholder for the Client's last name), and then would make sure the Invoice titles each had a friendly & appropriate name.

Then, you would create a specific Intake Form for that service/product, customize the various automatons, etc., and of course be sure to select the appropriate Invoice Profile from the selector.

With that setup, you would then either directly link prospective Clients to this Intake Form, or embed it on your website as part of your onboarding funnel.

Each user that completes the Intake Form would have an Invoice auto-generated based on the details you defined in the Invoice Profile, and that Invoice would be assigned to them automatically.

After this, this (depending on how you setup the Invoice Profile, the generated Invoice would then be available in that Client's portal to view / download /print / pay.

CRM Contact List

The second way you can apply an Invoice Profile is from the Contacts list in your CRM.

Simply select the OPTIONS menu associated with the Contact you'd like to create an Invoice for, and then choose Apply Invoice Profile.

From there, you simply select the appropriate Invoice Profile.

An Invoice will then be generated and assigned to the selected Client using the items, prices & settings that you defined in the chosen Invoice Profile.

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