Managing FLOW Submissions

Viewing FLOW Progress and Managing Submissions

Once your FLOW has been assigned to a user, you will be able to view their progress as well as manage any submissions.

CLICK HERE to learn about creating and assigning FLOWs

To see a list of which users have been assigned the FLOW and view their progress, go to  FLOWs in the main menu.

Click the Options dropdown menu and choose Status / Submissions.

This will bring you to a list of users whom have been assigned the FLOW including the assigned date, last of the last activity, and which Step they are currently on.

Click the  Options dropdown menu and select View Progress on the user you would like to view.

If a  Read & eSign Step is part of the FLOW, you can view their signature by clicking on that Step. You can also use the buttons below the signer to Print or Download the eSignature along with the body contents of the document, respectively.

For a File Upload Step, you can click the icons beside the file name and size to either download or view a preview of the file, respectively.

For a  Form Step, you can view the submitted responses of each question.

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