AUTOMATIONS: Creating & Assigning FLOWs

What is a FLOW?

* FLOWS available only for Pinnacle plan

FLOWs are automated sequences you can set up for your Contacts to complete forms, upload/download files, and eSign documents.

You can find FLOWs in the main navigation pane.

FLOW Types

You can create two different types of FLOWs, On-Board and On-Demand. An On-Boarding FLOW is a mandatory set of Steps a new Client or Prospect must complete before using the platform. An On-Demand FLOW, on the other hand, can be assigned on a case-by-case basis.

Creating a FLOW

Click the  +Create FLOW button to get started. You can also click the dropdown menu to quickly choose a Type.

Here you can choose which FLOW Type you want to create.

FLOW Type & Title

Choose a Title for your FLOW, and confirm that is the correct Type.

Toggle the Enable "Help, I'm stuck for every Step" switch to ON if you would like to place a help button on your Client's screen. This button will be located on the upper right-hand corner of your Contact's screen while viewing the FLOW for all Steps. They can click on this button and type a message to the Staff member(s) of your choosing.

Choose the Staff Member(s) that the Help messages will be directed to from the dropdown menu. You can include a message in the provided text box that will be directed toward the Staff Member. The Contact will NOT see this information.

IMPORTANT: The default message contains Dynamic Data Placeholders in your message to the Staff to record the Contact's message, FLOW Title, and Step. Be sure to to include these DDPs when customizing this message.

CLICK HERE to learn more about DDPs

FLOW Steps & Order

Click Add new FLOW Step to open a dropdown menu. When a Step is created, you can click on the icon to expand its pane to configure its details.

Step Label: This is name of the Step that will appear in the FLOW list during editing. This is intended for organizational purposes, and will NOT be seen by your Contact.

Step Title: This is the name of the Step that will appear in the  FLOW list while being viewed. Your Contact will see this name.

Help Button: Enabling "Help, I'm stuck" will place a help button on the upper right-hand corner of your Contact's screen while viewing the current Step of the FLOW. They can click this button and type a message to the Staff Member of your choosing.

The additional fields shown will depend on which  Step you choose.

CLICK HERE to learn about FLOW Steps

To rearrange the Steps, toggle the Edit Step order switch to ON. Hover over the icon at the beginning of each Step, and click and drag to change the order. While in this editing mode, you can also delete a step by clicking the icon.

IMPORTANT: The final Step will have a warning icon stating that any Actions set will not be executed. This is because Actions can be set after the completion of the entire FLOW.

Assigning Actions to FLOWs

You can assign Actions to the completion of each individual FLOW Step. Actions can also be assigned at the completion of the entire FLOW.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Actions

Color Settings and Preview

To configure additional settings for the FLOW, click the Settings button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

You can choose the background color that will show on either side of the FLOW screen with a Color Picker. Or, you can toggle Show Full Width to "On" to stretch the FLOW to fit the entire screen.

By default, the user is redirected to their Dashboard once the FLOW is complete. You can specify a different place to be redirected to, by either direct link or a Dynamic Placeholder Link.

CLICK HERE to learn about Dynamic Placeholder Links

To preview a FLOW, click the Preview button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

This will show you exactly what the Contact will see. Note: Some features will not be functional.

Assigning an On-Demand FLOW

To assign an On-Demand FLOW to a Contact, navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Choose Assign On-Demand FLOW from the Options dropdown menu for the Contact you wish to assign.

This will bring up a window that will allow you to choose a FLOW from the dropdown menu. After you have assigned the FLOW, the Options menu will instead have a Cancel Assigned FLOW menu item if you need to do so.

To assign an On-Demand FLOW to multiple Contacts, use the check boxes beside each Contact to select them. Click the Make a selection dropdown menu and select Assign FLOWs.

TIP: You can only assign one FLOW to a Contact at a time. Once a FLOW has been completed by a Contact, it will no longer be assigned to them.

Assigning an On-Boarding FLOW

An  On-Boarding FLOW can be assigned to newly-registered Contacts. Start by creating a Contact in CRM > Contacts.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Adding a Contact

In the section On-Board FLOWs, choose a FLOW from the dropdown menu to assign it to them. As soon as they activate their account, they will be prompted to complete the FLOW before gaining access to the rest of the Portal.

If you are recruiting Prospects and Clients via an Intake Form, you can choose a FLOW from the dropdown menu in the Form Actions section.

What does the Contact See?

If you have assigned an On-Demand FLOW, the Contact will receive a Notification in their Notification Center that there is a new FLOW to complete. Clicking on the arrow icon will initiate the FLOW.

For an On-Boarding FLOW, the screen will appear automatically.

The list of Steps will appear on the pane located on the left on the screen. Each Step will have an element to be completed. In the above example, a digital signature pad must be signed.

If the Contact wishes to redo a Step, they can click on the completed Step title. Once all FLOW Steps have been completed, the Contact will have the option to confirm and close the FLOW.

Clicking the help button will bring out a panel where they can type a message. After clicking the Send button, the message will be sent as a Notification to the Staff Member(s) specified for this FLOW/FLOW Step.

In addition, each sent help message is logged and viewable by the Contact.

CLICK HERE to learn about viewing FLOW Status / Submissions

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