PROJECTS: Kanban View

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a specialized way of viewing your Project's Tasks. It creates a visual model of your workflow, allowing you to easily identify bottlenecks, and optimize accordingly.

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More than just an alternative view, Kanban is unique in that you can freely move around the cards, changing their relative information to match the column they are placed in. You can also freely sort the order of the columns, which is synced to Task Statuses in Content Categories. There are also two types of Kanban - Status View and Assignee View. More information in the sections below.

IMPORTANT: The drag and drop functionality does not work on mobile devices.

How can I view my Tasks in Kanban View?

Navigate to Projects > Projects, and click on the Project you would like to view the Tasks for.

Once you are viewing the Project page, click Kanban in the top navigation menu bar.

You'll see an overview of the Project's associated Tasks summarized on cards. A horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen will allow you to view all of the columns.

If there are more cards in a column than the screen allows, a vertical scroll bar will appear when you hover your cursor over that column.

In Kanban, you can click and drag cards from one column to another. You can also click and drag to reorder the columns.

IMPORTANT: Clients and Prospects cannot move cards or columns. Freelancers can move cards, but cannot reorder columns.

Status View and Assignee View

The Kanban columns will depend on which View you are using. You can swap between the two using the buttons located on the right side of the screen.

Access to both Views is only available to certain Roles.

Status View

Status View sorts the Tasks into Task Status columns.

This View is available for the following Roles: Super Admin, Admin, Project Manager, Teammate, Salesperson, Freelancer, and Client. These Roles will only see the Tasks assigned to them, or Tasks they are following.

Dragging a card to a different column will change its Task Status accordingly.

Dragging a column to a different placement will also be reflected in Content Categories, which will affect the order of the Task Statuses in all Kanban instances.

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TIP: Task Statuses are synced between Content Categories and Kanban Status View. This is also reflected when you create a new Task Status while in Kanban, or if you make any changes while in Content Categories.

Assignee View

Assignee View sorts the Tasks into Assignee (Staff and Contact) columns.

This View is only available for the following Roles: Super Admin, Admin, and Project Manager. These Roles will be able to see all Tasks, not just the ones assigned to them.

Dragging a card to a different column will change its  Assigned User accordingly.

You can also drag a column to a different placement to suit your needs.